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Pamper Cleaners Valet Service

At Pamper we understand how precious time is. Whether you are an executive or a home maker there is just not enough time in the day. Pamper has developed a delivery service that is tailored to you. Don't worry there is no need to be home. Pamper has developed ways to pick up and deliver your clothes without you being there. One example of this is the Pamper Hamper which is a small weather proof hamper that attaches anywhere on your home where cleaning can be picked up and delivered to.

Paying pamper is made simple as well, no money exchanges hands with our driver. Every month Pampers secure credit card system charges your credit card and sends you a statement. Our Pamper Drivers are at your home twice a week to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

For dry cleaning pickup and dry cleaning delivery call us at 516-681-5040 or schedule your free dry cleaning pick-up or dry cleaning delivery in the Syosset, Plainview and Hicksville area by completing our Valet Form: *All asterisked items must be completed for form to process.