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Pamper Cleaners Door to Door Valet Service

At Pamper we understand how precious time is. Whether you are an executive or a home maker there is just not enough time in the day. Pamper has developed a delivery service that is tailored to you. Don’t worry there is no need to be home. Pamper has developed ways to pick up and deliver your clothes without you being there. One example of this is the Pamper Hamper which is a small weather proof hamper that attaches anywhere on your home where cleaning can be picked up and delivered to.

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Why Pamper Cleaners?

For over 50 years and three generations Pamper Cleaners has prided itself on giving you clean, bright and well pressed garments.

Pamper Cleaner Services

The quality of our work shows through because we care

Dry Cleaning

For over 50 years and three generations Pamper Cleaners has prided itself on giving you clean, bright and well pressed garments. Schedule your Valet Pickup Service today.


Nothing could be more convenient than having your draperies cleaned by Pamper. Pamper assures that your drapes will be returned with even hems and virtually no shrinkage.

Expert Tailors

Expert tailors conveniently on site, ready to work their magic on any clothing challenge. Burst zippers and seams, unraveled hems and Major alterations. Walk-ins are welcome.


We restore area rugs, drapery and clothing can be fully restored to pre-loss condition. We'll even store textiles or provide a quick turnaround time if it is needed.

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About Pamper Cleaners

My grandfather, Angelo Pennestri, founded Pamper Cleaners in 1955, with his first location in Hicksville. He wanted a name that would tell people we cared. Cared not only for them, but their clothes as well. He chose the name Pamper, to instill in his customers the idea that we “pamper” them and their clothing.

My Father, Joseph Pennestri, starting working for Pamper in the mid sixties, and he expanded the company by opening 2 more locations. He carried on the philosophy of treating the customer like family and keeping the quality high. The, in 1991, the third generation joined the Pamper family, when Joseph Pennestri took the reins. Both Angelo and Joseph, Sr. are still active in the company and constantly remind us what “Pamper” stands for. The Pamper philosophy of pampering the customer and the clothes has not been lost on the third generation to run the company.

Under Joseph, Jr., Pamper has expanded to include delivery service that reaches most of the north shore. We know there are a lot of cleaners out there. But we are different. We care about you. If you aren’t happy, then we arent’. Try us and I’m sure you will agree that Pamper Cleaners is a different kind of cleaners.

Pamper Cleaner Clients

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John, Division of Campus Residences Stony Brook University

For the past 13 years you and your staff have consistently impressed us with your professionalism and quality of work on every project we've given you. All of us here at Stony Brook University Division of Campus Residences look forward to working together for years to come.

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Chris, Total Restoration Inc.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with the partnership we have created with you and the Pamper Textile Care Team. The professionalism and caring attitude that your team exemplifies on each fire with our clients does not go unnoticed. We have received multiple compliments on the services that Pamper provides.

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Pamper Cleaners Contact Form